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The vast majority of housing organisations undertake some kind of resident research on a very regular basis, from periodic STAR surveys to ongoing monitoring of service based transactions, such as repairs, estate services or contact centres. The importance of understanding what customers think and what their priorities are is widely understood and well documented across the sector, but when the research programmes of most social housing landlords are examined, a much smaller number attach as much importance to surveying their staff with equal frequency. Look closer still and even fewer ask their stakeholders and other professional partners for their perceptions of the organisation in a measurable and systematic way.

So what are the benefits of a more holistic approach to surveying?

Understanding the views of customers versus employees can really help to highlight any gaps between service delivery and actual satisfaction. There can be a very big difference in opinion between what staff feel about the quality of service and what customers think. It is an ideal way to identify where additional resources or training may be required and to bridge any gaps.

When you are working within the environment of an organisation, it can be difficult to view the organisation with objectivity. How is the organisation really perceived? What are the strengths and weaknesses? What image does it successfully project? Is it perceived as providing Value For Money? Do external partners enjoy the experience of working with your employees, or is reality different?

Ratings from regulatory bodies and benchmarking can provide some context to these types of question, but what about other stakeholders and partners? Research into the views of partners such as contractors, lawyers, accountants, agency partners and others can be very revealing. Kwest can tailor research programmes to incorporate the views of all your customers – inside and outside of your organisation – providing a 360° view of performance.

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