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One of the key ways that the quality of our reports and analysis remain of the highest standard is to ensure that the potential of the data we produce can be maximised. We understand that quality is not only about how information looks, but also can be measured by how relevant it is to our clients, how data utility can be increased and how responsive we are to accommodating individual requirements.

Kwest’s innovative survey analysis and reporting software (the Online Analyst) provides continuous access to the latest results and data, including interactive, dynamic reports, which automatically update as new replies are added. In addition, the Online Analyst incorporates functionality that enables our clients to create their own reports and bespoke graphs and to amend the style, format and colour of charts to meet specific requirements.

Over the years, we have worked with organisations to produce a range of data outputs, including everything from excel files and graphical reports to ‘email alerts’, which identify service failure and are sent to nominated client staff for a more proactive response to problems.

The flexible and responsive service from Kwest’s in-house software development team also enables clients to specify where further bespoke changes to our reporting tool and outputs could be of benefit, helping to ensure that the outputs we offer remain relevant, accessible and of the highest quality by being tailored to an organisation’s individual needs.