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HouseMark’s comprehensive review of resident satisfaction surveys has seen a huge level of participation from the customers of social housing landlords across the country, with some 8,000 people taking part in the research. The consultation identifies residents’ priorities, how customers prefer to provide feedback and perceptions of what landlords do with survey results.

HouseMark has published a summary of findings and has concluded that three of the key messages to emerge from the survey responses include the following:
  • Residents want their voices to be heard. Evidence to support this can be seen in the large number of responses received to the consultation and the fact that in open ended feedback, the most common issue mentioned is that residents would like landlords to listen and show they care.
  • Residents want to hear what survey results are saying and to understand how landlords will respond to findings. Only 8% of residents taking part in the research say they have seen the results of a survey. It is particularly important that those who had seen results were 13% more satisfied than those who had not, and over five times more likely to think they had benefitted from changes made by their landlord as a result of surveys.
  • Two of the most important issues for residents are the quality of homes and customer service. As expected, repairs comments appear very frequently, but HouseMark also reports that 70% of participants say that how easy it is to contact the landlord is just as important.

The results from the review are now being analysed in more depth and proposals will follow shortly. Further details of other key findings can be found on HouseMark's website by clicking here