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The whole reason for undertaking a survey is to find out what your customers think about your organisation and what they need and then to use your data to meet their expectations and requirements. From postal surveys to telephone, SMS and online surveys, valuable insight into your customer’s feelings and expectations can be gauged … if you ask the right questions.

So how can your organisation be sure that it is including the right questions and using the best way to contact customers? Beginning with the question words below is a good way to start.

Why? Who? How? What?
Why are you undertaking a survey?
Having a clear idea of why you are conducting research and what you want to find out is the key starting point. Try not to deviate from your aims and don’t be tempted to add in every question you can think of. Keep the survey focused, concise and relevant.

Who are your customers?
Questions regarding demographics can seem boring, but they are often essential for pinpointing the views and needs within your population, providing you with an understanding of what customers want from your service. Using criteria such as gender, age, area and ethnic group can help to make sure that your organisation has all the tools necessary to meet their needs and communicate with them in the right way. When we conduct your survey, we can work with you to access this data from other sources wherever possible and minimise the personal element of your questionnaires.

How are you going to contact customers?
How you decide to undertake the survey is determined by a number of factors, including the profile of your customers, how much information you want to collect, the geographical spread of customers and your budget. We offer a number of effective techniques to meet your needs, including the option of combining different approaches to target sub-groups within the population. Whatever your requirements, from SMS to online, telephone or postal techniques, we can advise and help your organisation.

What are the key issues for your customers?
Asking these questions points you in the right direction and can help to focus your resources in the most effective way. What is going to make the biggest difference to residents? What will most improve the service in their eyes? Gaining an understanding of these issues can help you come up with ways to approach them that will really work.

How do you compare…?
Placing results into context means that you have a real understanding of what the findings are actually telling you. Using available resources, such as comparative data or results from your previous research allows your organisation to understand how your services are changing and how you are performing compared to similar providers.

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Kwest would like to send you our very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to come. We hope you all enjoy the festive break!

Our offices are closed for the holiday period after 23 December and will reopen on 3 January 2017. We'll see you then!
Kwest is looking forward to attending the LARIA conference in Manchester this week, to discuss best practice and the latest thinking on key issues affecting the sector. We hope to see many of our clients there!
A New Approach to Service Quality Monitoring from Kwest, delivering;
  • Proactive Monitoring - near instantaneous service quality monitoring
  • Instant Feedback - alerts your staff when service to a customer falls below the required standard, allowing rapid intervention and minimising dissatisfaction

Free Trial
If you would like to find out more about service quality monitoring, or discuss how we could help your organisation, give us a call on 0161 448 1388.

We’d really love to give you a taste of the Kwest approach to service quality monitoring, so we’re offering a free, no obligation trial to demonstrate how our service works and allow you to experience the features and capabilities of our Online Analyst tool which delivers customer feedback to you. This free trial is available between now and the end of November 2016.
Across the social housing sector, many organisations are increasingly looking towards adopting a more co-ordinated approach to examining service quality, from an internal, as well as from a resident perspective.
Kwest’s employee surveys are the ideal tool to work alongside traditional resident satisfaction research, providing a coherent and robust measurement of services. Call us today on 0161 448 1388 for more details.
The end of last month saw Manchester once again hosting the largest housing event in Europe, with thousands of visitors descending upon Manchester Central between 28th and 30th June. The conference and exhibition are scheduled to stay in Manchester until 2022, which is great news for the North West. We are already looking forward to next year.
The annual Housing Conference 2016 is almost upon us. Kwest is looking forward to visiting the exhibition and networking with all our social housing partners across the industry.
We'll see you there!
HouseMark's last STAR analysis report showed that spring and summer are the most common times of the year to carry out resident STAR surveys, followed by the autumn. Social housing landlords across the country are in the process of planning their next project, and with the latest version of HouseMark's benchmarking report due for release at the end of this year, updated comparisons for CORE questions across the sector will soon be widely available.

If you are considering a survey in the next few months, why not give us a call for a quote or advice. We'd be happy to help.
LARIA (Local Area Research & Intelligence Association) holds its annual conference in Birmingham later this month on 19th and 20th April. Aimed at local area research specialists nationwide, the conference provides the ideal forum to share research ideas with specialists from across the country and to attend a variety of workshops on research and the latest areas of interest. Keynote speakers include:

Dr Jo Casebourne: Programme Director, Institute for Government
Abdool Kara: Chief Executive, Swale Borough Council and Policy Spokesperson on Evidence Based Policy for Solace
John Pullinger CB: UK National Statistician, Head of the Government Statistical Service (GSS) and Chief Executive of the UK Statistics Authority
Robert Radburn: Research and Information Team Leader, Leicestershire County Council
Catherine Staite: Director of INLOGOV and Research Facilitator for Local Government
Patrick Tate: Director, Location Strategy & Analytics, CACI Ltd
Colin Wojtowycz: Customer Insight Business Partner, Warrington Borough Council
Using the right tools can enhance your survey experience and the ability to monitor replies and access interim data can be invaluable. To help you through the research process, tools like Kwest's Online Analyst offer continuous access to the latest findings, providing the flexibility to carry out analysis at any time. The latest release of the Online Analyst will be availalble soon. Contact us on 0161 448 1388 for more information or email us at