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Resident satisfaction surveys have been an integral part of the social housing landscape for many years, and are firmly entrenched in the performance monitoring systems of most landlords. STAR, which lies at the forefront of the sector’s research, is currently undergoing review, and this has provided an opportunity for many organisations to reassess the type of research they undertake. In some cases, this is resulting in a more rounded approach to surveys and an increase in the breadth and focus of research being carried out.

Although benchmarking against peers and data from regulatory bodies can provide some context to resident surveys, introducing assessments of the views of employees and other partners such as contractors, lawyers, accountants, agency partners and others can be very revealing. Incorporating these into resident research can offer huge advantages by identifying gaps between what staff think about service quality and what customers and other stakeholders actually think.

Kwest can tailor research programmes to incorporate the views of all your customers – inside and outside of your organisation – providing a 360° view of performance.

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