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Kwest is proud to be a full service research agency - we take care of everything from start to finish and give expert advice along the way. Nothing is outsourced, so outstanding quality is guaranteed.

Telephone Surveys & SMS Surveys

Kwest has a large team of directly employed, highly trained interviewers who have wide experience talking to different sections of the population.

Our interviewing team works up to seven days a week, including evening hours, offering large data collection and processing capability.

Our CATI monitoring interface allows calls undertaken by the team to be reviewed, allowing for transparency and quality monitoring.

Kwest's specialist software automates SMS surveys efficiently and effectively, as either stand alone projects, or as part of a mixed mode approach.


Postal Surveys

Kwest undertakes postal surveys nationwide with mailings ranging in size from a few hundred to tens of thousands, all managed and delivered in-house.

Our postal surveys can be customised to match your exact requirements or can be developed using industry standard question sets.

Either way, we take care of everything using our bespoke design software, state of the art printers and dedicated in-house mail fulfilment centre.

Online Surveys

All online surveys are hosted by Kwest's internal servers, which guarantees security.

Our in-house software team has worked hard in designing our online surveys to be compatible with a wide range of devices to maximise completion rates.

Kwest's online surveys can be used in conjunction with other data collection methods to boost response rates and engage with traditionally 'hard to reach' population groups.

Face-to-Face Interviews

We have extensive experience of undertaking face to face research across the country, inclusive of doorstep interviews, footfall surveys and street interviews.

Whether a handful of interviews are required or several thousand, we can mobilise a highly skilled team to undertake the research.

In carrying out face-to-face projects, Kwest always has a dedicated team manager on site to ensure the highest standards.

Discussion Groups

Our discussion groups are moderated by professional members of staff who are both versed in this research methodology and have an in-depth knowledge of the project.

We work closely with the commissioning organisation to develop a discussion plan that allows for key topics to be covered whilst remaining sufficiently flexible for the research to be responsive in probing fully into areas of interest.

Our discussion group report provides a detailed review of the session together with themes and action planning starting blocks.