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Continuous Monitoring

Kwest's in-house systems and software deliver near instantaneous service quality monitoring.

We undertake thousands of telephone interviews across the housing sector each month, monitoring satisfaction with a wide range of service areas.

Our approach offers regular, accurate feedback on service quality, resulting in a more complete picture of your organisation’s performance.

Our flexibility allows clients to choose the frequency of service quality assessments - daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Many calls take place very shortly after a service contact, and to maximise the benefit of this, we have developed software to deliver “Instant Feedback” via automatic notifications, alerting you when we identify incomplete work or dissatisfaction.

Access to the unique Kwest Online Analyst enables you to analyse your own research data whenever and however you want via interactive, dynamic reports and dashboards.


STAR Surveys

Kwest has been named by HouseMark as one of the leading suppliers of STAR surveys.

Prior to the launch of STAR, Kwest was also a leading providing of STATUS surveys to housing associations, local authorities and ALMOs.

We have undertaken many hundreds of standardised surveys, so by working with Kwest you benefit from more than 30 years of specialist experience.

Our unique Online Analyst allows you to analyse your response rates and findings at any time providing unlimited opportunities to explore your data.​


Bespoke Research

Standard question-sets sometimes just don’t go far enough.

At Kwest we have years of experience in designing new question sets for hundreds of clients, which allow for detailed investigation into any issue of interest to the organisation.

Whether you want to understand more about how welfare reform is affecting your residents, investigate digital inclusion, or any other issue, Kwest has the experience to successfully implement research tailored to your specific needs.



As a social landlord you’re responsible for a huge amount of information, potentially as many as 10,000 pieces of data per 100 households.

So how do you keep your records up-to-date?

Kwest has worked with social housing providers to deliver tailored profiling projects.

Our profiling service utilises adaptive online questionnaires that not only gather missing data but also verify existing information.